Bassday Sugapen Light Salt 58


Bassday Sugapen Light Salt 58F


Size: 58mm Weight: 4.1g
Hook: # 10 Ring: # 2
Action: Splash & Dog Walking

The long-awaited small version of the light game!

Miniaturized sugar pen, which has a reputation for being “fishable like bait”. It is the long-awaited size for light games such as black sea bream, sea bass, and plating.
The body is slightly fat compared to the medium and large models. Due to its low air resistance, it has achieved an incredible flight distance from its size.
Since it can be moved with a short movement distance, it is possible to invite the structure carefully and irritate the fish.
In addition, you can invite fish on a table turn with a splash, or generate a wave and wobbling on a steady retrieve.
■ Splash & dog walking
■ Hook is owner ST36TN salt specification
■ Fat body increases weight and achieves the same flight distance as 70F

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