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PA75  Power Arm  [Short rod of power and usability]

Length: 7’5″ / Lure: 7-25g / PE Line: MAX#2
Lure weight of 7~25g can be controlled technically. It’s to capture medium to big seabass.
Even though it’s a short, it has a high power to drag huge seabass out.


PA89  Technical Surfer  [Technical rod for top water]

Length: 8’9″ / Lure: 10-28g / PE Line: MAX#2
Top water lures with weight of 10 ~ 28gr will show this rod amazing action. It is a very aggressive fast rod, ready to hook instantly even in the slightest touch the attacking predator. Both of cast distance and technique are highly performed, and you can enjoy top water game widely and rhythmically. The “walk the dog” actions is now easier than ever, and so popping and skipping of adequate weight lures. This rod is to capture medium to big sea bass in a shallow area, large bluefish and barracudas and even bonitos on deeper rocky shores. Finally this rod can also use lures when needed, with also great casting performance and instant hook up!


NEW  PA90  Jaw Breaker  [One Rod, Countless Uses]

Length: 9’0″ / Lure: 10-50g / PE Line: MAX#2

Also available in K spec (Fuji Titanium- SiC K guides)

PA90 is a power-versatile rod for several types of lures for targeting many species in various locations.
Its fast tapered rod action and its length are perfect to make lures swim like real baits. Also the strong butt section shows exceptional power even when you got an attack from monstrous fish.
Based on a lot of field experience in harsh seas in the world, the world-versatile rod is now born.


PA93  Cast Master  [the greatest versatile of seabass game]

Length: 9’3″ / Lure: 10-25g / PE Line: MAX#2
Lures with weight of 10~25gr can be controlled for many different kinds of situations. It’s a very versatile rod and its name characterizes perfectly it’s amazing casting performance of any type of lure. This is a true all round rod and can be used in big ports, rocky shores, and beach spinning, covering the distance we need to reach the fishing targets. We focused on cast feel and its light weight so you can keep casting 12- 14cm minnow fully all day. Designed to target from small to huge seabass, this rod will deal fast and precise even with large barracudas, bluefish, bonitos, leerfish and any other challenge. This rod is an all round rod and can be the main rod on your fishing expeditions giving long casts even against the wind.


PA99  Distance Cracker  [Casting farther with a heavy lure]

Length: 9’9″ / Lure: 12-45g / PE Line: MAX#2
Lures with weight of 12 ~ 45gr target big fish and this is exactly what this rod can do. Made for 100% hardcore action, this rod will cast amazingly long distance except usual minnows, even with 40gr vibration lures, metal jigs, jig minnows and metal spoons. It is ideal to fish in hard fishing conditions and extreme weather. If fitted with a strong reel it can handle all huge sea bass, barracudas, bluefish, bonitos, snappers and will perform excellent even on the toughest challenge on port, beach or rocky shore!


PA108  Border Capture  [to the unreached border line]

Length: 10’8″ / Lure: 12-35g / PE Line: MAX#2
Lure weight of 12~35g can be casted with the longest distance. It’s to capture medium to huge seabass.
PA108 will aim for the border line where it cannot be reached and also where there is a huge number of fish.

PA108 RG